Cowichan Valley Minor Hockey 24/25 Season Registration Update


U6 2019 $425.00 $100.00 $525.00
U7 2018 $425.00 $100.00 $525.00
U8 2017 $425.00 $100.00 $525.00
U9 2016 $425.00 $100.00 $525.00
U11 2015, 2014 $525.00 $200.00 $725.00
U13 2013, 2012 $525.00 $200.00 $725.00
U15 2011, 2010 $525.00 $200.00 $725.00
U18 2009, 2008, 2007 $525.00 $200.00 $725.00
U21 2006, 2005, 2004 $600.00 $200.00 $800.00

*Registration fees will increase by $100.00 on May 1st. Late registrants may be placed on a waitlist.


U11 2015, 2014 $525.00 $200.00 $125.00 N/A $850.00 TBD
U13 2013, 2012 $525.00 $200.00 $125.00 N/A $850.00 TBD
U15 2011, 2010 $525.00 $200.00 $125.00 $200.00 $1050.00 TBD
U18 2009, 2008, 2007 $525.00 $200.00 $125.00 $200.00 $1050.00 TBD

*Registration fees will increase by $100.00 on May 1st. Late registrants may be placed on a waitlist.

**Second Rep Fee Amount is TBD and will be due Nov 1st 2024.



  1. All new registrants must have Respect in Sports for Parents before being granted registration access. Please contact the office before proceeding with registration.
  1. Trying out for the competitive program does not guarantee a spot on a competitive team.
  2. Overage exemptions for U18 will not be considered until final U18 and U21 registration numbers are in.
  3. Waitlists may go into effect to ensure appropriate team formations. Register early to avoid being waitlisted.
  1. When registering, DO NOT create a new player profile unless this is your FIRST TIME PLAYING. If you are unsure of your players HCR number, please contact the office at – duplicate profiles within the HCR create issues!
  2. All players must register within their home boundaries, being the City of Duncan, Municipality of North Cowichan, C.V.R.D Electoral E and G, Town of Ladysmith, Thetis Island, Salt Spring Island, Penelakut Island, and C.V.R.D. Electoral Area H North to Takala Road.
  3. Female Divisions are yet to be determined and will depend on female registration numbers. Please ensure you choose the Female Recreational Division during registration if that is where your player would like to be.


Q : Where and when do I register?
A : Registration will launch on April 1st via the following link:

Please ensure that you register ONLY in the category that is applicable to your player.

Q : Why are the amounts so high this season in the registration portal?
A : All fees as noted above have been rolled in to one, this is much easier to process and allows for easier instalment plans when paying online.

Q : What is the U15 / U18 Competitive Commitment Fee?
A : This fee has been added to ensure we don’t find ourselves in the same situation as last year with our competitive teams, and that players trying out for the Competitive Program truly wish to be there. Should a player make a competitive team; their commitment fee will be transferred to their second rep fee. Should a player be released to recreational, their commitment fee will be refunded. Should a player QUIT the competitive program, their commitment fee is forfeited.

Q : When are payments due?
A : If paying via cash, cheque, or EMT the following due dates apply:
June 1st – Tryout Fee and U15/18 Commitment Fee
August 1st – Registration fee
September 15th – Seed Fee
November 1st – Second Rep Fee

If Paying via credit card online in the registration system you will have the choice between paying total amount due at check out, or choosing a 4 equal payment instalment plan with first payment due at time of registration and three additional payments following the schedule above.

Q : Are there any other fees not mentioned?
A : If your player is a NEW player or transferring from another association, there is a $20.00 admin fee. If you are paying with a credit card online, there is a $20.00 credit card processing fee. The credit card fee is not included in the registration amount and must be added to cart separately before checkout.

Q : Can my player attend competitive tryouts even if they only want to play recreational?

A : No. Competitive Tryouts are only for those players who wish to commit to a competitive team.